Smell rarely rates a mention in tech product reviews. At least not in a good way. Yet that was the first thing I noticed when opening the Snugg Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Black Leather.

As the name makes clear, Snugg’s case is made of real black leather and it has that distinctive real leather smell.

Leather means it’s not the slimmest, lightest iPad cover. On the other hand the Snugg case is stylish, comfortable and does a first class job protecting the tablet from damage.

At £35 plus £12 for delivery to New Zealand – roughly NZ$90 all up – it’s a good price compared with other leather iPad cases.

Smarter than your average iPad case

The outside is black leather with white stitching. Inside there’s a soft fabric. The marketing material calls it Nubuck, that means nothing to me. What’s important is that it doesn’t scratch the screen or the iPad case.

It’s smart enough to use anywhere and business-like enough for a board room.

You slip the iPad into the case which surrounds almost everything except the screen and places where you need access. Velcro holds everything firmly in place. There are cut outs for the iPad button, both the front and rear cameras, the connector and the buttons around the edge of the device. A flap covers the display when the iPad isn’t in use.

Like Apple’s covers – and most other iPad covers that I’ve seen – Snugg includes magnets which turn the iPad on and off as the cover is opened. And you can fold the cover to give three different stand positions

Snugg leather iPad case

Handstrap – if you need it

There’s an elasticated strap. Snugg says this is to help hold the device when you’re standing. It doesn’t work for me, but others in my house think it looks useful.

As you might expect the cover also works as a stand. Snugg has included a holder for a stylus – not that I ever use one with my iPad.

At 540g, the case weighs almost as much as my 680g iPad 2. At its thickest it is 23mm – that’s more than twice the tablet’s 9mm depth. While this is bulkier than Apple’s covers, there’s considerably more protection. I’m not going to tempt fate and test dropping the iPad, but I’m certain the Snugg cover will keep it safer than the Apple cover does.

Verdict: Snugg leather iPad cover

I’ve used the case on recent travels. While I still haven’t made up my mind if the added protection is worth the bulk for the way I use the iPad, I’m still impressed with the Snugg case and recommend it as a good choice, particularly for people who give their iPad a battering.


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