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PC Health Check 2.0: not as useful as it looks

While F-Secure’s Health Check 2.0 looks useful, it is nothing to get excited about. Health Check is a Java program. It works with a browser to check a computer’s security then reports on risks. On the plus side Health Check is free, quick and simple to use. The code loads directly from F-Secure’s Health Check web page […]

AVG Anti-Virus Free 9.0: far too much trouble

It’s hard to tell if AVG Anti-VIrus Free 9.0 offers decent PC security. That’s because the application is so annoying, it imposes such an overhead that it had to be deleted before testing finished. At times free is too high a price. AVG Anti-Virus Free 9.0 is still only two weeks old. It arrived about the same […]

Computer security software round-up

A range of security software products help protect your computer. Some come as traditional packaged software. Others are online services. Here’s a list of the types of security software you are most likely to need: Anti-virus Designed to keep your PC free of infection, anti-virus programs generally use two different approaches. First, they use large […]