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Daniel Larsson from Right Inbox contacted me about his browser extension which works with Gmail to schedule messages for sending later.

Right Inbox works with Chrome and Firefox. Once installed it allows you to schedule an email for dispatch one, two or four hours later. Alternatively you can specify a time and date.

I tested the Chrome version and found the software is a snip to install: one click and you’re done. It adds a “send later” button to the Gmail display.

Right Inbox is straightforward, if you need to delay emails, this is the way to do it.

At the moment I don’t have much use for delaying messages this way, but I can see it would be great to time emails so they show at the top of a person’s inbox at, say, first thing in the morning.

Larsson says there are plans for more features such as response tracking, dealing with bulky attachments and email marketing.

While there are plans for a paid version of Right Inbox, it remains free while the product is in beta and the company says there will be a free starter package once paid-for versions appear.

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