Singaporean communications specialist Simone Vaz says Asian companies need to develop a new management style to deal with the continent’s rapidly growing cadre of knowledge workers.

In effect she says these employees are critical of management styles and demand to be treated as something more than cogs in a machine, hence human resource professionals need to be more strategic, turning their companies into the kind of places choosey knowledge workers will line up to join.

Her most interesting point is she views this of employment policy as a branding exercise; well she does work as a communications strategist for a public relations company. I’d like to hear more about this idea.

In general, Asian companies are behind their western counterparts in terms of understanding the needs and the workplace bargaining position of key knowledge workers.

Vaz’s blog post shows more forward-looking Asian employers, or at least, the people like her who do their strategic thinking for them, are well up with the realities of the global market for knowledge worker talent.

This is a wake-up call for complacent senior managers in countries like Australia and New Zealand who have yet to wake up and smell the global talent market coffee (thankfully they are a minority).

For a long time they’ve seen some of the best brains decamp for greener pastures in Europe and the USA, if Simone Vaz is in any way typical of Singaporean thought leaders, that talent might find great employment opportunities closer to home.

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