Samsung’s Christmas 2012 prize competition, New Zealanders need not apply

After buying a Samsung monitor, I filled in a warranty card and posted it to Samsung.

Yes, that’s right, an old school postcard. How quaint.

Clearly it reached its destination, since my details went on the database I’ve received unsolicited emailed customer newsletters from Samsung Australian.

I junked a few, but checking through the handful remaining, in EVERY case, Samsung writes its newsletter exclusively for Australian customers. Prices are in Australian dollars, some products listed aren’t even sold in New Zealand.

Last Christmas Samsung invited me to enter a draw for one of five Prize Packs. When I read the terms and conditions it turns out only Australian residents can apply.

How not to treat customers

This is crap marketing. Dangling goodies in front of New Zealand customers before jerking them away doesn’t warm me to Samsung.

It gets worse.

A newsletter arrived today. Once again the content doesn’t apply to New Zealand. At the bottom are links to a download centre, a service locator and a  sales locator. All the links are broken.

Previously I’ve tried emailing Samsung Australia asking about local deals and prices. No reply.


So, Samsung’s after sales relationship with New Zealand customers is a big fat zero. We are most definitely not loved.

Does this matter? Probably not, Samsung is a huge, successful multinational. It can afford to neglect New Zealand.

Yet contrast Samsung’s marketing communications with the timely, relevant and better looking flyers from Apple, you don’t need to look far to see why Apple is more successful.

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  1. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t got around to registering it with Samsung. Perhaps I won’t now.

    Damn good phone though.

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