Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge phones go on sale in New Zealand tomorrow. You can buy them from the three main mobile networks: Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees and from the usual shops.

The 128GB phones are not officially on sale in New Zealand although some parallel importers may have them.

My usual advice is that should buy phones outright. They are often cheaper and cost less in the long run. You also have more flexibility to, say, switch networks if you need to.

Official price

Here are the official list prices. You may find better deals if you shop around, but don’t hold out for big savings on these phones, supplies are likely to be limited for the first few weeks.

ModelMemoryNZ List price
Galaxy S632GB$1100
Galaxy S6 edge32GB$1350

If $1100 is too much for your budget, you can get good deals on the phones by buying one on a plan. You’ll end up paying more in the long run and there’s a danger you’ll buy more minutes or data than you need. It’s difficult to change once you are locked in and these contracts run for 24 months. On the other hand, it means you can get the phone now.

One special deal worth mentioning, Vodafone NZ is giving away Samsung headphones which is says are worth $299 to anyone buying a 24-month plan.

There’s something interesting going on at 2degrees. If I’ve read the company’s Samsung S6 marketing correctly, consumers are can buy a phone on 24-month terms for only a fraction more than the cost of buying a phone outright. Instead of bring-your-own-phone, the approach is more like bring-your-own-plan.

Normally I round deceptive .99 prices up, after all this is information, not marketing. That’s exactly what I’ve done in the list price table above. However, it gets too complicated in the case of phone plans, so here they are in all their glory:

CarrierPhoneUp-FrontMonthlyTotal costVoice MinutesData GB
SparkS6 32GB$499$99$2,875Unlimited5
S6 64GB$649$99$3,025Unlimited5
S6 edge 32GB$749$99$3,125Unlimited5
S6 edge 64GB$899$99$3,275Unlimited5
VodafoneS6 32GB$249$99$2,625Unlimited4.5
S6 64GB$399$99$2,775Unlimited4.5
S6 edge 32GB$499$99$2,875Unlimited4.5
S6 edge 64GB$649$99$3,025Unlimited4.5
2degreesS6 32GB2945$1,10900
S6 64GB2951$1,25300
S6 edge 32GB2955$1,34900
S6 edge 64GB2962$1,51700