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Seagate Slim Portable Drive

Seagate Slim Portable DriveAs it says on the box, the Seagate Slim Portable Drive drive is not tubby. It measures just 10 mm thick. The case is 75 mm wide, 113 mm deep and it weighs just 150 g.

That’s roughly the size, weight and shape of a smartphone. You can easily fit it in a pocket. I did just that and almost forgot it was there.

Apart from a slit-like white LED and the cable port, the drive is just a matt black slab.

It looks great and is mobile, but what about performance?

The bad news is that it only stores 500 GB. That’s plenty of storage for most applications, but not enough to back-up the entire contents of a standard 2013 desktop or laptop PC if it includes large music or video libraries.

Fast data transfer

On the other hand the Seagate Slim Portable is fast. The drive has built-in USB 3.0 and comes with a short cable. In testing, I saw read speeds peak at 90+ MBps – that makes it the fastest external drive I’ve used to date. This is the fastest I’ve ever seen my USB 3.0 ports shift any data.

The drive comes with software, instruction videos and support for cloud back-up. Seagate also throws in a free 4GB, a 12-month subscription to its Cloud Storage service. Seagate’s bundled software isn’t that special, but it does the basics. Your operating system may offer tools that are just as good.

One fashionable extra that I haven’t tested yet is the link to social media sites for uploads.

The list price is $129. While you’ll find cheaper drives, you’ll struggle to find anything as elegant as the Seagate Slim Portable Drive.



5 thoughts on “Seagate Slim Portable Drive

  1. I am completely against portable mechanical harddrives. People forget these things are harddrives, you know, the things in your computer that mean a drop will kill it. Then you lug one around everywhere with all your stuff on it, and are shocked when it breaks and you hadn’t actually backed anything up.

    I will say I have one for transferring use, but most people I know use a portable as their primary storage. I would say make sure it isn’t mechanical if you want to actually move it from your desk on a regular basis, or at least make sure what gets copied onto it from other sources does end up on your computer too.

    1. Using one of these as primary storage would be madness. I use this kind of drive as a secondary back-up, then I lock it in my fireproof safe.

      1. Just felt I had to point it out as so many people don’t understand your way of using it is the way it is supposed to be used.

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