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Technology Brands

The Economist charts 2013’s most powerful global brands and the biggest risers.

Technology firms dominate with Apple taking top slot. No surprise there.

Google is second. Likewise no surprise.

IBM is in third place just a tad behind Google – that’s curious.

AT&T is just an American thing, while China Mobile mainly matters in just one big country.

Which brings us to Microsoft. In seventh place it is still one of the world’s most valuable brands, but clearly behind Apple and Google. This roughly squares with the three companies’ performance in delivering technology to consumers and their relative positions in the mobile device market.

IBM is an outlier. It remains a powerful business-to-business brand, yet the company barely features in technology news reports and hardly touches everyday consumers. Moreover, IBM is a non-combatant in the mobile device game.  Does this mean journalists like me and readers like you should take more notice of IBM?

Samsung features in the biggest risers table growing more than 50% in the past year. Even if it can keep up that pace – which is unlikely – it will be a years before it features as one of the most valuable brands. However, the company is moving onto the radar as a major technology player. Again, this reflects the company’s performance.