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Today the comments folder in my the WordPress dashboard has 1500 spam comments. That’s 1500 spam comments in 24 hours. I often get more spam comments than page views.

WordPress uses something called Akismet which does a fine job of trapping spam. Even so,  there are days when dozens of cleverly constructed spam comments slide past Akismet.

When that happens I have to manually find them and delete.

My question is this, does my site need comments? Would we be better discussing the ideas and stories on Google+ or somewhere else online?

What do you think?  

9 thoughts on “Does this site need comments?

  1. I would say having comments on Google+ is no big deal to me, I wonder how many people aren’t on G+ that read you?

  2. Hi Bill,

    I find extensions to akismet such as Conditional CAPTCHA to be great. Most ‘human’ visitors never see the CAPTCHA but if their browser is suspicious then they are redirected as a last resort.

  3. On the sites that I look after there has been a surge in spam over the last few months. On older sites it is media comment spamming – something that can be side stepped by newer themes. I suspect much of the spamming comes from scripts. I automatically expire older posts and turn off pingbacks which can help to keep volumes down.

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