The Independent looks at the industries and jobs most most affected by the UK economic crisis.

Real estate agents don’t rate a mention. But I suspect they’ll be first against the (metaphorical) wall.

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, it says prospects look rough for finance workers. And journalists are also likely to cop a lot of pain; something that’s already happened here in New Zealand and across the Tasman in Australia.

Nurses and teachers are likely to thrive while lawyers aren’t under much threat. The survey is also upbeat about IT workers. So, overall, the picture for knowledge workers is a mixed bag.

The story’s intro paints a truly gloomy picture of the UK’s job market. It says unemployment is rising at the fastest rate in 17 years and soon hit two million rising to three million by 2010. That’s about as bad as it got during the darkest days of the Thatcher era.

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