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The next generation of would-be software consumers are being raised on a diet of self-service without the help of salespeople, according to Atlassian vice-president of engineering, Jean-Michel Lemieux.

Death of the software salespeople? | ZDNet.

Atlassian thinks software companies no longer need a dedicated sales team to flog their products. As the ZDNet story says the company doesn’t have sales staff, although it does have a network of partners.

This makes sense for mass market applications that can sell through app stores and web sites, but I wonder if doing away with the sales team works for every software company.

4 thoughts on “Software sales staff face extinction

  1. Yeah I doubt it, for companies like Microsoft and Adobe people are going to expect customer relations managers/sales staff for how much money you are paying to them. So the job might get rolled into another for most, but there will still be people whose job entails trying to sell software.

  2. There are some successful models where they have we based promotion and inbound sales people, but even most of those started with a strategy of people ‘knocking’ on doors.

  3. Marketing and Sales, will just become marketing. Not much difference really.

  4. No salespeople, but a network of partners. Who works for the partners and gets sales? Salespeople.

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