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In Career Management is About Money Scot Herrick reminds his readers to think about money in the way businesses do. He writes:

For business, it’s all about the money. Unfortunately, for too many knowledge workers, it isn’t.

Instead, we are told to love our work. We are told to work extra hours – for no pay. We are told that we should be loyal to companies when companies will lay us off in a cold-blooded minute.

Herrick then goes on to tell his readers to think about saving money for retirement.

This is sound and timely advice. In recent weeks I’ve seen instances where large multinational corporations making vast profits have leaned on people to give time and energy in return for… nothing.

We’ll put the inverse Robin Hood injustice of taking from the poor and giving to the rich aside for one moment and focus on one important point that needs bold type:

If you don’t value your time and work, nobody else will.