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The New Zealand Herald reports workers who stay after a round of redundancies suffer as much stress and anxiety as the people who lose their jobs.

I doubt this is always true.

Redundancy is never fun. Having your livelihood snatched away, facing a mortgagee sale and wondering where the next meal is coming from is as stressful as things get.

As someone who has been in both positions, I can speak from experience on this.

Nevertheless, the Auckland-based researchers have a point. Things are stressful for people left when companies trim their staff numbers. Not least because they’ll have to cope with extra work.

And, as the story points out, they’ll be wondering who is next for the chop.

Staff who stay suffer from stress – National – NZ Herald News.

2 thoughts on “Staff who stay suffer stress

  1. I and a colleague were made redundant from my position after 8 years service, last week. I can tell you that a number of my colleagues who remained are extremely stressed. There are varying reasons for that. After 8 years in a SME company with very low staff turnover, you become a family. Of course people may also be concerned as to whether someone else will be next or what other implications there may be to their ongoing employment.

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