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Bill Bennett


Symantec comes close to getting it right on IE vulnerability

Online security specialist Symantec almost got its marketing right when it sent out a simple, clear image telling users how to plug the latest security hole in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The crisp, easy-to-read, straightforward information card shown below does a fine job of getting the basic facts out quickly and efficiently to users. Hats off to the company for helping Windows XP customers abandoned by Microsoft.

There’s branding, of course. Symantec uses its familiar yellow and black colour scheme. The company logo appears, large enough but not overbearing. Symantec cleverly adds the official company Twitter handle and an appropriate hashtag so concerned users can watch for updates.

Symantec not shrill on IE fault

The whole is almost a classic exercise of restraint. It was different in the past, but these days security companies know not to shout too loud during a panic, it doesn’t pay to look gleeful about online criminals serving up business opportunities.

So where did Symantec go wrong? In item 5. It’s fair enough to tell customers they are protected by the company’s products. It’s fair enough to let non-customers know they could have been safe had they purchased security software.

But that last bullet point just looks too much like an inappropriate sales message at the wrong moment for my taste. What do you think?



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