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Mobile World Congress: 5G, folding phones, Huawei politics

All over Barcelona banners advertise the city’s 2019 Mobile World Congress event. The slogan is “intelligent connectivity”. The phrase is about generic as things can be in this business. What is it supposed to mean? There are answers in the eight giant exhibition halls and the numerous conference theatres that dot the event’s site. Everywhere […]

Huawei: what no-one wants to tell you

There’s more to the Western restrictions on Huawei than meets the eye. Behind the headline news story there’s another story. It’s one you don’t hear or see in the mainstream media. There has been plenty about Australian and US claims the company spies. You may also have heard something about a possible hidden kill switch […]

Spectrum buy catapultes Dense Air into NZ cellular

The arrival of Dense Air has big implications for New Zealand’s cellular market, apart from anything else it will spice up the next spectrum auction. London-based Dense Air has purchased a considerable amount of New Zealand wireless spectrum from Malcolm Dick’s Blue Reach business and Cayman Wireless. The company intends to set up a wholesale […]

Huawei ban: Arguments for and against

Communications Minister Kris Faafoi says New Zealand could ban Huawei from building 5G mobile networks. In New Zealand could bar Huawei Newsroom reports: Faafoi said that companies had approached him saying they would like to use Huawei’s technology, but he said New Zealand could ultimately follow Australia in barring the company from contracts relating to […]

5G backhaul: How to deliver promised performance

For 5G to deliver its promise, carriers need to use higher frequencies than today’s mobile networks. Higher frequencies means more bandwidth. This can deliver faster data and more connections per square kilometre. As a rule, higher frequency radio signals travel over shorter distances. Higher frequency sites will be useful in areas of high population density. […]