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My iPad, my accidental typewriter

As Robin Williams’ book title says: The Mac is not a typewriter. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad might be. My iPad links to an Apple Wireless Keyboard and runs iA Writer. This combination gives me the closest thing I’ve seen in 25 years of computing to an old-school manual typewriter. For a journalist that’s a good thing. Typewriter […]

Time we had a New Zealand Apple store

IDC Research reports Apple overtook Acer and Dell in a single quarter to become the second best-selling PC brand in Australian and New Zealand. Hewlett-Packard remains top. Jumping a single place would have been an achievement, climbing two spots is outstanding. Apple’s rise comes at a time the overall PC market is weak. Ironically, the main […]

The Mac still isn’t a typewriter

For most of the 1980s and 1990s an Apple Macintosh was my home computer. I chose a Mac mainly because of its elegance and its ability to produce beautiful print documents. At the time Windows and IBM PC computers were still in the dark ages. Early Macs had another advantage. They came with solid keyboards able […]