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New Zealand’s difficult copper v fibre conflict

While fibre is the future, it isn’t here yet. It’ll take another six or seven years to reach everyone. Telcos and ISPs could do far more with the copper already in the ground, but that may undermine the case for fibre. When it arrives, the government-sponsored UFB fibre network will deliver download speeds of 100 […]

What you’ll pay for fibre internet

A handful of New Zealand’s internet service providers (ISPs) now sell UFB connections to home users. Below you’ll find a table showing the prices they ask for various broadband offerings. You can’t get a UFB connection until your neighbourhood is┬áconnected. Business districts, hospitals and schools are a priority, residential areas are second and the roll-out […]

Japanese want wireless broadband not fibre

New Zealand’s fibre to the home network roll-out is gathering momentum. Some say it will trigger an economic revival. So it may seem like a bad time to bring this up: Japanese fixed network operators have been forced to slash their prices to stem the flow of customers fleeing fibre networks for wireless broadband. In […]