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Stuff Pix media strategy a new direction

Stuff Fibre says it is to offer Stuff Pix, a movie streaming service, from early next year. It takes the company in a new direction, one that hasn’t been tried before in New Zealand. While getting into content is a natural move for an ISP part-owned by Fairfax, the largest regional media company, Stuff Pix […]

Vocus NZ sale and broadband competition

Last week Spark boss Simon Moutter told shareholders at the company’s AGM it is cheaper to win customers through merger and acquisition than through market efforts. The NBR reports him saying: “We expect to see, and participate in, significant consolidation of the retail broadband industry over the next couple of years. Give that Vocus NZ […]

Government broadband investment fills the gaps

https://twitter.com/billbennettnz/status/902748182647644160 Cynics were quick to label the government’s generous broadband funding announcement as pork barrel politics. There’s something in that. New Zealand is, after all, in the run up to what looks like a tightly fought election. Yet anyone looking closely at the existing fibre network and the second phase of the Rural Broadband Initiative […]

Sky TV boss blames pirates, evidence says otherwise

Writing at Newsroom.co.nz, Mark Jennings covers a weak financial result from Sky TV. He quotes boss John Fellet: “Piracy has become our biggest competitor. “The big problem is the increasing ease by which pirated content is accessible. “Devices preloaded with piracy software enable users to access pirated content stored on servers overseas, from the comfort […]

Why New Zealand outplayed Australia on the NBN 

  New Zealand will reach its broadband roll out goal on time and on budget – with superior technology. What went wrong in Australia? At the Australian Financial Review Jennifer Hewett goes back over the question asking Why New Zealand outplayed Australia on the NBN. Along the way she talks to MyRepublic’s Vaughn Baker who has played a […]