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EliteBook x360 review: secure, tiny business convertible

HP’s EliteBook x360 1030 G3 is a premium business convertible laptop. It’s the kind of upmarket laptop a big company employer might hand you if they think you need portability and flexibility. You might choose it yourself. It is a solid, no-nonsense choice with all the features a business user needs, although a touch expensive […]

Nothing nebulous about Microsoft’s cloud-transition

Four years ago Microsoft lost its mojo. The software giant had failed to compete in web search. People questioned whether Microsoft was on an IBM-style path to irrelevance. When the phone business flopped, it looked like Microsoft’s time in the sun was over. Today it is back. The 2017 Microsoft is a different beast, the […]

Microsoft to lay off several thousand employees

Microsoft is cutting ‘several thousand’ employees, mostly in its sales organization, following a reorganization earlier this week. Source: Microsoft to lay off ‘several thousand’ employees | ZDNet Mary Jo Foley writes: “One source close to the company said Microsoft would be cutting “several thousands” of employees. CNBC said Microsoft would be shedding up to 3,000 […]

Passive Optical Lan means fibre to the desktop

Chorus held a Tech-Week event introducing Passive Optical Lan technology at its Auckland laboratory. Thanks to the government-sponsored UFB roll-out most New Zealand businesses are now on the fibre network. Fibre delivers gigabit internet to offices, factories and other business buildings. It means better, more reliable communications. Done well, fibre delivers productivity gains. In business, […]