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Meet the weekend ethical hackers

Ethical hackers, a growing band of computer professionals, use their skills to work out of hours on projects benefitting society. Don Christie, founder and director of Wellington’s largest open source service and cloud computing service provider Catalyst, is happy if developers and other IT professionals working for the firm moonlight as hackers. Thanks to the media, hacker is […]

Ten lessons from Open Source Open Society 2015

Few conferences range as wide as the Open Source Open Society 2015 event held in Wellington last week. The material was surprisingly accessible to non-specialists considering this was a two-day event that filled the Michael Fowler Centre with software developers. You can read more about #OSOS2015 sessions elsewhere, here are ten lessons that don’t fit […]

When to choose closed or open source

Open source has many advantages, but it isn’t always the right approach. At the Open Source Open Society 2025 conference in Wellington delegates discussed when projects should be closed and when open is best. …it all depends on the circumstances GitHub head of open source Brandon Keepers says: “In an ideal world everything would be […]

Catalyst offer competitive open source cloud in New Zealand

New Zealand open-source champion Catalyst has taken on the multinationals launching a locally-hosted automated cloud service. The Catalyst Cloud service uses OpenStack, a free, open-source set of tools. It was built using low-cost commodity hardware. Catalyst Cloud was officially opened this morning by Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce. See Catalyst Cloud Formally Launched for the company’s own description. […]