Microsoft Windows 10S

At first sight Microsoft’s Surface Laptop and Windows 10S launch is all about education. That was the company’s emphasis at the product roll-out in New York.

Yet there is more at stake here than putting computers in school bags.

The announcement outlines a strategy for the next stage of personal computing.…

PC horror

PC horrorSometimes digital technology feels expensive.

By historic standards, it is anything but.

When I began writing about computers in the 1980s a business microcomputer cost close to the annual average take home salary. In the 1990s most workers would need to toil for months to buy a basic PC.…


Kelvin Yong writes:

Earlier the year, you reviewed a few Chromebooks and I’ve followed them. However I’m a bit confused which is a good one to get for. Seeing that on today’s news Google and Intel are working together to bring out new Chromebook with i3 processor, I’d imagine that won’t be for a few months before it will reach the market.