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FibreX marketing lands Vodafone in court

It’s remarkable that Vodafone ever thought it could get away with calling its HFC cable network FibreX. It always look like the exercise would end in tears. This was a law suit waiting to happen. And boy did it happen. At the New Zealand Herald Chris Keall writes Vodafone pleads guilty to some FibreX charges, […]

Telecommunications Bill resets UFB price cap

The Telecommunications Bill going through Parliament sets the tone for New Zealand’s fibre era. By 2022 around 87 percent of New Zealand’s population will have access to fibre. Many homeowners and businesses have already chosen to connect to fibre. This month Statistics New Zealand reported one in three broadband connections are now fibre. That’s up […]

5G backhaul: How to deliver promised performance

For 5G to deliver its promise, carriers need to use higher frequencies than today’s mobile networks. Higher frequencies means more bandwidth. This can deliver faster data and more connections per square kilometre. As a rule, higher frequency radio signals travel over shorter distances. Higher frequency sites will be useful in areas of high population density. […]

5G spectrum jockeying begins

Network makers promise next-generation mobile phones will download data faster than fibre. The original goal for 5G cellular was 10 Gbps downloads. Now engineers say 20 Gbps. Without getting deep into electromagnetic physics and radio engineering, this was an ambitious goal. Ambitious, but as the evidence so far shows, realistic. Yet there are challenges. Carriers […]

Service quality needs Commerce Commission scrutiny

The Commerce Commission says retail telecoms service will be one of its priorities for the next year. While the telecommunications industry gets more than its fair share of political and regulatory scrutiny, there is unfinished business. The Commerce Commission’s timing makes sense. The first phase of the UFB fibre build finishes over the next 12 […]