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Education, technology and digital divides

As education minister, Hekia Parata upset New Zealand’s tech sector by not elevating digital technology teaching to the level they asked for. The debate hasn’t stopped. It may never stop. The technology industry is wealthy and powerful. It knows how to lobby. It is a master of using the media. Its voice will be heard. […]

NZ IoT networks jostle for potential billions

New Zealanders have three mobile phone networks to choose from. New Zealand sensors will soon have four dedicated Internet of Things networks to choose from. That’s a competitive market by any measure. You can’t move in this country at the moment without someone talking about the Internet of Things. Two weeks ago Communications Minister Simon […]

Net neutrality in New Zealand

Net neutrality is controversial in the US. It is not an issue in New Zealand. As telecommunications and media companies get closer, it is time to take another look. What is net neutrality, why does it matter elsewhere and how might it move onto the agenda in New Zealand? Net neutrality says internet companies can’t […]