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Commerce Commission pushes for congestion-free copper

New Commerce Commission rules mean Chorus must keep its copper network congestion free. The Commission says it doesn’t want service quality to fall as traffic volumes grow. It says links between Chorus dslams and the first upstream data switch must not go higher than 95 percent of capacity for more than five minutes. Chorus must […]

Chorus first half: Copper boosts, wireless bites

Chorus did better than expected during in its first-half. The network operator saw net profit rise to $66 million up from $33 million a year earlier. Revenues and profits lifted thanks to an increase in the regulated copper price. At the same time fixed wireless broadband made inroads into Chorus’ connection numbers. Revenue is up […]

Long-reach VDSL2 has potential for rural NZ broadband

Communications Day reports BT is testing a long-reach version of VDSL2 in rural areas. The story first appeared at ISP Review. Long-reach VDSL2 could be ideal for those parts of New Zealand falling between the urban UFB fibre-based network and the fixed wireless broadband delivered by Rural Broadband Initiative towers. At the moment the government […]

Hanging on to the landline

Many people reading this will already stopped using and paying for a telephone landline. Few people under 40 have a landline at home. Naked broadband plans, internet connections without traditional phone lines, are growing fast. Spark New Zealand is realistic enough to understand landline are a legacy product. You can buy a Spark naked broadband […]