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Struggling Fairfax enters low-margin market with Stuff Fibre

A struggling media company moves into another unprofitable market. At Business Day Fairfax journalist Tom Pullar-Strecker writes Stuff to enter the broadband market with Stuff Fibre. It’s a clumsy headline, but a safe bet managers would not allow the sub-editor to write a better one. He says: “Stuff is entering the broadband market, launching an internet […]

Fairfax to go digital-only

Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood says the media company will move to a digital-only model. Hywood doesn’t put a date on it but says the move will be in the future and only if print becomes unprofitable. This makes perfect sense even if there’s little evidence of other newspaper publishers making a successful move to digital. Media companies have […]

Fairfax’s bloated, overweight Stuff

In the last hour I checked the size of the front page of six news web sites New Zealand readers might use. All were tested with using http://analyze.websiteoptimization.com. Here are the results. Stuff is way out in front: Fairfax’s Stuff – 1.7MB The New Zealand Herald – 450Kb The Sydney Morning Herald – 940Kb The […]

Kindle: Fairfax, News Corp say no to Amazon ebooks

Not only did Australia’s two main print news media organisations reject Amazon’s Kindle book reader, both made their rejection public. Fairfax went overboard, publishing versions of the story in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and on its youth-focused site, The Vine. The story didn’t run in The Australian Financial Review. News Corporation has been […]