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Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer all flawed

Geeks get excited about JavaScript and HTML 5 performance. I want a web browser to give a reliable and consistent experience. The user interface is important, so are features and security,  mainly I want a browser that “just works”. So far I haven’t found one. Earlier I compared Firefox 4, Chrome 10 and Internet Explorer […]

Flirting with browsers: Chrome 10, Firefox 4, Explorer 9

Until a year ago choosing a browser was simple. Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5 was so far ahead of the game, Chrome and Internet Explorer didn’t come close. I pushed Firefox 3.5 to the limits with extensions. All of them seemed essential – although that proved an illusion. Firefox rarely lets me down in use, although there were […]

Mozilla offers promising contact manager

Developers have neglected personal contact management in recent years. Microsoft Outlook still dominates, Google has never had a serious offering. Now Mozilla has entered the fray with Contacts, a Firefox contact management plug-in. It’s still at version 0.1, not even a beta at this stage. Which means Contacts is clunky and could cause crashes or other problems. […]

Firefox eating Internet Explorer’s lunch in New Zealand

A press release from Nielsen (not online at the time of writing) says Mozilla Firefox is winning New Zealand users from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It is, but Microsoft’s browser still accounts for a 60 percent market share. According to Nielsen, Internet Explorer dropped from 72 percent to 60 percent between July 2006 and July 2009. Over […]