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NetHui 2013: GCSB bill too important to rush

Legislation proposing to extend the powers of the Government Communications Security Bureau is too important to rush through Parliament without more debate. That’s the consensus of the panel discussing state surveillance and the GCSB at NetHui 2013. Significantly the panel included former GCSB director Sir Bruce Ferguson who told delegates there’s a need for an apolitical, […]

Curran calls for time on spy bills

Labour communications spokesperson Clare Curran wants the New Zealand government to allow more time for submissions on the Government Communications Security Bureau and Related Legislation bill and the Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) bill. She says the government is pushing the bills through parliament the in a hurry. Submissions are due on Thursday, June 13. Curran says […]

New Zealand’s intercept bill and Huawei

Mixed signals from New Zealand government on telecommunications security. You have to ask yourself what principles are behind the New Zealand government’s telecommunications security strategy. On the one hand the government has a relaxed attitude towards carriers allowing Huawei to build key parts of their infrastructure. On the other hand it introduced the Telecommunications  (Interception Capability and Security) […]