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Gmail: Resistance is futile

There’s nothing private about mail. Google’s Gmail sees to that. Benjamin Mako Hill hosts his own mail. You might think that would keep him free of Google’s privacy-invading clutches. Yet he points out, more than half his mail comes from or goes through a Google account. Which means the bots get to read most of his […]

GMail’s less than perfect iPad app

Although Apple’s stock iPad mail app is perfectly adequate and does a good job handling Gmail, Google created its own Gmail iPad app. This makes sense to people committed to Google’s mail service and wider technology stack. It works fine for dealing with text mail messages, but fails badly when people send messages laid out […]

Google Wave bye bye as service closes

Good riddance to Google Wave. I never understood what the fuss was about. Wave may have been clever programming, but it didn’t do anything other applications already did better. Google has better tools for most Wave tasks. It did instant messaging although Google already had tools that do the same job. Wave did communications. Why […]