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New Zealand companies and government tenders

“Why don’t New Zealand companies win government tenders?” asks Ian Apperley at the IITP Techblog. He writes about the institutional bias government departments and agencies have when it comes to buying technology. More often than not they’ll choose an overseas supplier when there are perfectly good and better value alternatives available here in New Zealand. […]

Tuanz calls for better consumer protections

Tuanz — Telecommunications Users Association New Zealand — wants better consumer protection when the government revisits the Telecommunications Act. Earlier this week Communications Minister Amy Adams published what she calls an “options paper”. This asks for feedback on the government’s proposed utility-style model for regulating fixed line telecommunications services after 2020. The paper forms part […]

Tech sector gives Education Minister not achieved

Xero managing director Anna Curzon writes in for Stuff: “It’s about time digital technology was recognised as an important topic of education because it’s crucial we prepare our next generation for tomorrow’s world.” Someone could have written the same words any time in the last 40 years. It’s not a new idea. People said the […]

New Zealand wireless rural broadband hits key milestone

After a slow start New Zealand’s Rural Broadband Initiative has hit its stride. RBI is a government-subsidised scheme to give farmers and people living in rural areas a broadband network. Communications minister Amy Adams says the first stage is now complete with 154 new cellular towers now built. The towers serve 3G and 4G fixed […]

Fixing Apple, Google, Facebook tax

Writing at the New Zealand Herald Matt Nippert says Top multinationals pay almost no tax in New Zealand. A major Herald investigation has found the 20 multinational companies most aggressive in shifting profits out of New Zealand overall paid virtually no income tax, despite recording nearly $10 billion in annual sales to Kiwi consumers. The analysis of financial […]