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Delighted data centre contract awarded to a New Zealand company

At Computerworld James Henderson reports: Spark seals $60 million IRD contract as Revera overhauls tax system. The headline tells the story in 11 tight words. Nice work. Next comes what old school journalists call the second deck:  We are delighted that the data centre’s contract has been awarded to a New Zealand company. It is a […]

Spark, Vodafone, Chorus pay telephone tax

Spark, Vodafone and Chorus will pay almost NZ$44 million towards this year’s $50 million Telecommunications Development Levy. The Telecommunications Development Levy is an extra tax paid by telecommunications companies. Each company pays a little over one percent of its revenue to subsidise rural broadband and finance other worthy but uncommercial services. Spark is the biggest […]

Globalisation: you’re standing in it

Exports took off 150 years ago when steamships, railways and refrigeration took sheep meat, wheat, minerals and butter to the other side of the world. The telegraph, radio, aeroplanes and container shipping were all once innovative new technologies. They opened borders and stimulated international trade. Globalisation is not new. Then the internet arrived. Optimists thought […]

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership means for NZ tech sector

Writing on his organisation’s TechBlog, IITP chief executive Paul Matthews says after a meeting with New Zealand Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiators he feels more positive about what the trade agreement means for our technology sector. Here are the edited highlights. The quotes are from Paul Matthews, the comments are from me: We’ve received absolute assurances that […]