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Gartner says NZ IT spending will reach NZ$11.4 billion in 2017. That’s up 2.3 percent on last year.

This is less than the expected 2.7 percent rise in global IT spending.

The reason for New Zealand’s underperformance is that nation’s biggest IT spending category is fixed and mobile communications services.…

White hat hackers

Ethical hackers, a growing band of computer professionals, use their skills to work out of hours on projects benefitting society.

Don Christie, founder and director of Wellington’s largest open source service and cloud computing service provider Catalyst, is happy if developers and other IT professionals working for the firm moonlight as hackers.…


Companies large and small are decommissioning information technology infrastructure as they move to cloud computing.

That’s not news. Cloud and as-a-service offerings have been discussed for years. They are the new normal.

Cloud is often cheaper and more efficient than owning and maintaining infrastructure.…

Cloud storage

cloud computing savingsResearch commissioned by cloud specialist Rackspace and given respectability by Manchester Business School says 88 percent of firms who move to the cloud save money.

That’s impressive, but considering cloud companies sell their service on the promise of saving money, that means one in eight customers hasn’t saved money.…