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IDC thinks ANZ is a nation

The headline on IDC’s press release is worrying: ANZ named as a top nation in IDC Asia/Pacific’s IoT Readiness Index 2017. Put aside for a moment the political insensitivity. The disturbing thing here is that IDC is in the business of selling information about technologies and technology companies. It’s a research organisation. Reports cost a […]

NZ IoT networks jostle for potential billions

New Zealanders have three mobile phone networks to choose from. New Zealand sensors will soon have four dedicated Internet of Things networks to choose from. That’s a competitive market by any measure. You can’t move in this country at the moment without someone talking about the Internet of Things. Two weeks ago Communications Minister Simon […]

Finding opportunities in the fog

If you’ve only just come to terms with cloud computing, here comes the next thing: fog computing. “Fog computing is the necessary next stage on from cloud computing,” says Vikram Kumar, the chief executive of KotahiNet. “It is where the edge of networks become intelligent and autonomous.” Fog computing has the features of cloud computing, […]