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iA Writer 5 review: When you want words without fuss

Is iA Writer a text editor? Or is it a minimal word processor? The software is both and neither at the same time. It’s an elegant stripped down writing tool that’s perfect for 2018. iA Writer starts from the premise that some writers focus on their words, not how they look on a page. There […]

Android: A practical guide for iPhone switchers

Phone buyers tend to stick with their choices for the long-haul. More than nine-out-of-ten iPhone owners pick another Apple phone. Android owners move between brands. Even so, they are more likely to buy another Android than switch to Apple. Staying put makes sense. We have a lot of money, time and energy tied-up in our […]

The future-proof 10.5-inch iPad Pro, a work computer

There’s something about the screen of the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro that feels immediately novel but quickly becomes normal, and something that seems obvious at first but reveals itself as a deeper change after a few days. As a heavy user of the 12.9” iPad Pro, I’ve been pleasantly deceived by this new iPad, and […]