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Class of 2016: The best ultraportable

There has never been a better time to buy an ultraportable computer. PC makers may face falling sales, but they haven’t stopped building great laptops. For years the laptop market was stagnant, with lacklustre me-too designs and unappetising performance. That’s changed. The challenge from phones and tablets has spurred a new wave of innovation. In […]

Thoughts on iPad-only the new desktop Linux

“You like the iPad because it’s simple. But if you’re using the iPad as your primary computer, you may just like it because it’s a challenge.” Watts Martin hits a nerve writing iPad-only is the new desktop Linux. Martin says people who use only iPads for their computing do it because it’s a challenge. He […]

Review: 9.7-inch iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Cover

Apple’s NZ$280 9.7-inch iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Cover doesn’t turn the Pro into a laptop. It’s more useful than that. At the launch Apple said its 9.7-inch iPad Pro is a PC replacement.. That’s debatable. People spend a lot of time typing on PCs so that claim doesn’t start to stack up until you add a […]