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SenCbuds: Smart earphones know when you’re not listening

New Zealand-designed SenCbuds are smart earphones that detect when you stop listening. They know when you pull the earphones from your ear and pause whatever is playing. Put them back in and the audio starts again. While this feels like magic, the trick lies in smart engineering, not hocus-pocus. I tested a SenCbuds prototype with […]

Reflections on the first Asia-Pacific Podcast Conference

Podcasting arrived on the scene more than a decade ago. The name tells you that. It comes from the words iPod and broadcasting. Ten years ago iPod was a name to conjure with. Every so often podcasting goes through an up cycle. One is on now. It started last year when US President Barack Obama […]

Apple iPod Touch: Cheaper, more colours

Apple refreshed iPod Touch overnight. There are new colours and updated features. A new 16GB model brings the starting prices for the classy solid-state music players down to NZ$279. Although 16GB seems tiny compared with the storage on iPod Classic models. iPod Touch now includes a five megapixel rear camera as well as front-facing camera […]

Preparing for legal digital music: Duplicates

Going straight with my digital music collection is anything but trivial. The first problem is dealing with the sheer number of tracks stored on my computer and iPod. At the start of the project there were more than 15,000 songs on my computer. According to iTunes that’s 38 days of continuous music. Many tracks are rubbish. Some are […]