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Drucker: knowledge workers an asset

Peter Drucker says employers who see knowledge workers as a cost, not an asset are out of touch. At the Internet Time Blog Jay Cross pulled together some interesting quotes from management guru Peter Drucker. He writes about what is needed for knowledge worker productivity . The quotes are all worth reading. The last is […]

Taylor’s scientific management and knowledge work

When Frederick Taylor wrote The Principles of Scientific Management in 1911, it made sense. Taylor thought management could be rationalised. He invented the time and motion study. He taught managers to develop clear and repeatable workflow processes. Taylor saw industrial-era workers as machines. It took a while, but his ideas were picked up by people […]

Brainpower: Rewarding knowledge workers

This brainpower chart comes from an article adapted from a presentation given by consulting firm Mercer. It looks at the needs and wants of knowledge workers from a manager’s point of view. The conclusion is far from original: bosses need to look after knowledge workers if they want to stay competitive. Even so, the message […]