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What reviewers mean when they say best ever

Technology publications and daily newspapers are full of gushing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reviews. Samsung deserves much of the praise. It’s an impressive phone. Expect a review here in the next few days. Where reviewers give stars, the Galaxy Note 7 either gets five or 4.5. When they give a percent the scores are often […]

Greetings and salutations: How to address mail

There’s a great post on this subject at Are greetings and salutations redundant in a mail? Mail, or email if you still live in the last century, is a quick, efficient way of communicating. It has a problem. People often come across as rude. Some people are rude. There’s no getting away from that. Others sound […]

Why I don’t like the term ICT

ICT is a dumb piece of bureaucratic jargon that found its way into the technology mainstream. I say dumb because it confuses matters and makes understanding unnecessarily difficult. The term is widely misused as a substitute for IT. Information technology IT, or information technology, is readily understood. It refers to computers, software and all the […]