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Working with Microsoft technology — 2014 edition

Last year I spent a week working with nothing but Microsoft technology. Since then Microsoft updated Surface Pro, the Lumia phone and delivered Windows 8.1. How does this change things? The big difference is the move from 2013’s Surface Pro 2 to the 2014 Surface Pro 3. While the Surface Pro 2 could run Microsoft Office and the […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 or Nokia Lumia 920?

It took Samsung a month to sell 10 million Galaxy S4 smartphones. That’s a great start for a brilliant smartphone and goes to show even a wrong-head, cheesy show business launch function can’t stop the momentum building behind Galaxy’s brand. When the review Galaxy S4 arrived I immediately began making comparisons with my mainstream smartphone: […]

Windows Phone 8, Android – long haul comparison

Is Nokia’s Lumia 920 better than my earlier smartphone? There’s only one way to make sure: run the HTC One X through a similar test.  After two months running around New Zealand with a Nokia Lumia 920, I dragged my HTC One X out for a week of work, a weekend of play and a four-day road […]

Nokia Lumia 920: Flying business class

Lumia 920 business phone Smartphones scare the pants off IT managers. Pesky employees insist on bringing their toys for work and then they have the nerve to demand access to business systems. ‘Toys’ was a deliberate word choice. Smartphone makers emphasise play in their marketing. It’s all about the audio experience, high-definition video or playing […]