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Print publishing business model primer

Print publishers make money from copy sales and advertising. Some rely mainly on advertising, others on copy sales, but most newspapers and magazines make money from a mix of the two. The balance between advertising and copy sales revenue is important. Advertising-driven publishers approach their business in a different way to copy sales-driven publishers. Copy […]

Publishing business: Advertising sales revenue

Advertising sales revenue is the money publishers make from selling space in their titles. Most publishers set aside printed pages or parts of printed pages for advertisers. The number of pages compared to the total number of pages in a publication is known in the business as the advertising ratio. Paid-for publications have a lower […]

Publishing business models: Where the money comes from

This is a look at the print publishing business model. It is a simplified description, but understand the big picture is more important than the details. Revenue Historically print publishers earned revenue from copy sales and advertising. Some publishers, mainly in the trade press, rely solely on advertising. Others, such as book publishers, rely solely […]