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Call for truth in broadband advertising

“Australia’s equivalent of the NZ Commerce Commission, the ACCC, found that a whopping 80 percent of Australian consumers struggle to compare the broadband speeds of different ISPs…” — James Young-Drew New Zealand’s consumer laws are almost identical to Australia’s, so an ACCC report on broadband speed claims has relevance here. James Young-Drew, a solicitor with […]

Journalists too mean to tech companies

At The Register Shaun Nichols writes: “The tech press has dared to lean away from its core mission of making technology companies more profitable, says tech advocacy house ITIF.” The ITIF or Information Technology and Innovation Foundation is an industry think-tank. It issued a report looking at “a change of tone in technology reporting” between […]

Frazer Scott: Microsoft technology, digital transformation

“No-one has the breadth of services and offerings that Microsoft brings to bear in this space”. — Microsoft New Zealand chief marketing and operations officer Frazer Scott At Intergen Dynamics Day 2016, Frazer Scott outlined Microsoft’s strategy to help companies with their digital transformation. This is the context for Dynamics 365. It all boils down […]

Rod Drury on speed, capital raising, marketing complexity

First a correction to the quote in Speed, cost behind Xero move to PaaS, AWS: @envycollect @billbennettnz It’s not the big that eat the small. It’s the fast that eat the slow — Rod Drury (@roddrury) May 15, 2015 Next a few interesting ideas were left in my notebook after I interviewed Xero CEO Rod […]