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Crypto-currencies, tulips, market bubbles

Frances Coppola writes about financial bubbles. She says the market for crypto-currencies shares characteristics with earlier bubbles like Dutch tulips and dotcom stocks. Which means a crash is underway.┬áThat’s not just Bitcoin, but all of the crypto-currencies. The remarkable aspect of this is that everyone couldn’t see it coming. As Coppola points out some investors […]

Don Christie says global IT giants all take, no give with New Zealand

Don Christie writes in the New Zealand Herald Global IT companies are taking profit here and putting nothing back: An organisation I co-chair, NZRise, has been looking at the problem. We represent New Zealand owned digital companies who generate jobs and good incomes for tens of thousands of Kiwis. Our research shows Facebook, Google, Amazon […]

PressPatron: Now you can support my site

You may have spotted the PressPatron banner at the top of this page. It invites you to be a supporter. There’s also a button to the right of this text. They are both part of my PressPatron campaign. It’s a new way of crowd-funding websites. I’m one of the first journalist-bloggers in New Zealand to […]

Here’s the thing about Apple Pay and banks

Apple insists banks don’t pass on Apple Pay charges to customers. Banks accept this in most countries. But not in Australia and, by extension, New Zealand.1 Wrangling over the issue slowed Apple Pay’s progress in both countries. Three of Australia’s four big banks asked that country’s regulator for permission to negotiate with Apple as a […]