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NZ Fire Service, Motorola, Spark team for firefighter mask radio

Motorola Solutions and the New Zealand Fire Service have developed a new two-way radio for firefighters. The radio’s microphone built into firefighter breathing apparatus. Each radio also has a push-to-talk button positioned centrally on the body. This means firefighters can operate it through thick rubber gloves with a clenched fist or fingers. It’s a unique design that allows […]

Motorola Moto X: A first look at the anti-Galaxy Android

Motorola says the Moto X phone will soon go on sale in New Zealand through stores like JB Hi-Fi. Although it’s an Android phone, there’s little in common between the Motorola Moto X and the high-profile Samsung Galaxy S5. For a start the Moto X offers a quality phone experience for less money. Motorola expects the […]

Motorola Moto G: best option low-cost smartphone by miles

Motorola’s Moto G smartphone may have a low, low price, but there’s nothing cheap or nasty about this device. You won’t find a better phone at anything like its $300 asking price. It’s nicer than devices selling for twice as much. My work means I spend a lot of time with flagship smartphones. Usually reviewing […]