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Football deal highlights Spark Sky TV threat

It’s no coincidence Sky TV reported a $240 million loss days after Spark won the Premier League Football rights. A thread connects the two news stories. Spark is New Zealand’s rising media power. Sky is still number one, but fading. You can’t blame Sky’s problems on Spark’s football win. The traditional pay-TV company hasn’t owned […]

Spark, Netflix a well-timed marketing promotion

There’s no comparison between Spark’s Netflix promotion the and the halted Vodafone-Sky deal. One would have changed New Zealand’s telecommunications and media scene. The other is a marketing promotion. Clever, perhaps. Timely, yes. But still marketing. Netflix credit Spark customers signing a two-year broadband contract will get a one-off credit on their Netflix subscription. The deal only […]

Global Mode: No winners, only losers

CallPlus backed down. From September it will stop providing Global Mode. The service allows customers to hide their whereabouts. That way they can buy low-cost streaming video services direct from the US, UK or elsewhere. In return the big media companies halted legal action against CallPlus. Among other things they claimed Global Mode breached the Copyright […]

What an Australian Netflix tax means for New Zealand

Australia plans to make Netflix and other overseas-based online sellers of ‘intangible services’ pay GST (Good and Services tax). In Joe Hockey prepares ‘Netflix tax’ BRW reports: The cost of downloading movies, music, books and other media from overseas providers such as Apple and Netflix is set to jump by 10 per cent after federal […]

Netflix, Quickflix, Lightbox, Neon: An interim market

After years of waiting New Zealanders are now spoilt for choice with streaming TV. Netflix, Quickflix, Lightbox and Neon each offer a decent local catalogues at reasonable prices. There’s a thin line between choice and fragmentation. The most popular shows are scattered among the four services. Customers are left with difficult choices. The good news […]