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LiveScribe Sky smartpen let me down at NetHui

From a journalist’s point of view LiveScribe’s original Pulse smartpen was one of the greatest inventions of the last decade. Pulse was a large ball-point pen that can record sound as you write in a special notebook. It syncs to a computer and downloads the audio along with an image of the pen-written notes. Point […]

Ten things we learned from NetHui 2013

Three busy days, a total of 65 sessions and hundreds of conversations meant NetHui gave everyone who took part plenty to think about. It’s an open conference, organisers encourage delegates to participate. That makes it New Zealand’s biggest technology learning experience. There’s no way to squeeze all the insights into a single, simple blog post. However […]

NetHui 2013: GCSB bill too important to rush

Legislation proposing to extend the powers of the¬†Government Communications Security Bureau is too important to rush through Parliament without more debate. That’s the consensus of the panel discussing state surveillance and the GCSB at NetHui 2013. Significantly the panel included former GCSB director Sir Bruce Ferguson who told delegates there’s a need for an apolitical, […]

NetHui 2013: Quinn Norton’s chaotic, swirling internet vision

Keynote speaker Quinn Norton connects¬†what is happening in today’s society as a result of the internet revolution and what happened 400 or so years ago when the printing press arrived. In itself that’s not a particularly original observation. We’ve heard it a dozen times before. However, Norton brings the idea up to date comparing the […]