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Harold Evans’ ‘inescapable reciprocity’

Trawling through my on-the-job-training notes from 30-odd years ago I found this gem from Harold Evans, the former editor of The Times. He was writing specifically about newspapers, but the basic idea applies equally online. Content and design go hand in hand: Newspaper design cannot begin to exist without news and attitudes to it; without something […]

NZ media live blogging

New Zealand’s news outlets were late to the live blogging party. British news sites had been using live blogging successfully for around 18 months before it blossomed here during the election. Most UK newspapers and the BBC use it to great effect on their web sites. Live blogging is, without doubt, the single most important […]

Testing if readers will buy online news

Will readers pay for online news? There is evidence readers will buy specialist information. Business newspapers are able to find subscribers. NBR readers buy news. The Economist does well online. Yet no-one seems to have cracked the puzzle of selling general news. Not even Rupert Murdoch. Which is strange, because for years people paid for […]