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Cloud storage plans compared

Cloud storage has changed the way we use computers and data. Thanks to the cloud you can breathe easier. Your files are safe, even if something terrible happens to your computer, phone or tablet. You can have near-instant access to any of your files from almost everywhere. There’s a chance you already have cloud storage. […]

Six of the best personal cloud storage plans — July 2015

There’s no shortage of good options for storing data in the cloud. Here is a list of the six best-known inexpensive services that consumers and small businesses can use with little specialist expertise. I’ve tried all of them myself and regularly use four of the services listed. All of them are free or inexpensive and […]

Microsoft strategy: cloud first, mobile first

Microsoft shows a refreshing ability to reinvent itself. On his first day in the job incoming CEO Satya Nadella told employees: “Our job is to ensure that Microsoft thrives in a mobile and cloud-first world.” Microsoft has repeated those words, rearranged as cloud first, mobile first many times since. It  used them as a slogan when launching the […]

Personal cloud storage plans – June 2014 update

Less than two weeks ago I published a list of personal cloud plans. That list was prompted by Apple cutting prices for its iCloud service. Apple’s move was a response to early jockeying by other cloud storage service providers. Last night Microsoft cut its prices and increased the free storage for all comers while announcing customers […]