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LibreOffice 5.4 works better with Microsoft Office files

With version 5.4 The Document Foundation has made the free, open source LibreOffice 5.4 more compatible with Microsoft Office1. If you like your productivity software to come as a big, sprawling, all-encompassing suite, you can buy an annual Microsoft Office subscription. Or, you could get the power of Office without paying a penny. LibreOffice is […]

Consider government open source, don’t mandate it

Act Party leader David Seymour wants the New Zealand government to consider open source software. In Act calls on government to support open source software at the NBR, he says the government needs to take a new approach when buying software procurement. It can save the taxpayer large sums of money. Seymour tells the NBR: […]

Where Open Source fits in New Zealand

NZ Open Source Society president Dave Lane is a frequent and articulate promoter of his cause. He can also be a scathing critic of proprietary software. In keeping with the Open Source philosophy, his presentation from this year’s ITX conference is online. You can read the slides, or hit the S key to see the […]

Ten lessons from Open Source Open Society 2015

Few conferences range as wide as the Open Source Open Society 2015 event held in Wellington last week. The material was surprisingly accessible to non-specialists considering this was a two-day event that filled the Michael Fowler Centre with software developers. You can read more about #OSOS2015 sessions elsewhere, here are ten lessons that don’t fit […]

How open source grew up

In the late 1990s and early 2000s I worked for Australian Linux Today. At that time open source was a vibrant, yet immature, market. Visiting the Open Source Open Society 2015 conference in Wellington this week was like watching someone else’s child who you knew as a smart but awkward teenager, transformed into a smart, professional […]