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Orcon Xbox deal lures gigabit gamers

Orcon consumer general manager Taryn Hamilton says his company will be first off the block when gigabit fibre services go live around New Zealand on October 1. Hamilton says his company will be aggressive going after the market. It is selling an unlimited, naked gigabit plan for $135. To sweeten the deal, Orcon will give […]

CallPlus buys Orcon — deal makes sense

While CallPlus isn’t saying how much it paid to buy Orcon. If CallPlus paid the right price — a safe bet — the deal makes far more sense than others mentioned in recent weeks. Selling internet services in New Zealand is brutal. Margins are wafer thin. Competition is tough. And the cost of customer acquisition is high. […]

Sky and Orcon: Not a marriage made in heaven

Tom Pullar-Strecker reports on signs Sky Television is about to buy Orcon in Sky TV may enter internet market. He joins these dots: Orcon director Warren Hurst indicated late on Friday evening that a deal for the sale of the internet provider was being worked on over the weekend. Minutes earlier Sky Television said it expected […]

If 2degrees can’t afford 700 MHz spectrum, it can’t afford Orcon

Media reports suggest 2degrees is in the race to buy Orcon. If 2degrees couldn’t find the $22 million to buy the third chunk of 700 MHz spectrum, it can’t afford Orcon. In hindsight, the government’s 700 MHz spectrum auction was a great deal. The reserve price for each paired block of spectrum was set at $22 […]