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Windows 8 damaged Microsoft in ways 10 can’t fix

In mid–2013 I needed a new computer. Like many others I chose A MacBook Air instead of a Windows laptop. It wasn’t my first Apple. In 1984 I bought one of the first 128k Macs. There were others. Yet for twenty years my work had revolved around Microsoft Windows. A vote against Windows So why […]

Apple 2016 MacBook one month review: The song remains the same

Although the 2016 MacBook has changed little since last year, it is much improved. If the song remains the same, it now lasts longer and has a faster tempo. That’s because Apple uses newer Intel Core M processors. Intel’s updated chip gives the MacBook a speed boost and at least an extra hour of battery […]

Which mobile Apple: iPad Pro or 2015 MacBook?

While the iPad Pro and the 2015 MacBook have much in common, you’d choose one over the other for quite different reasons. Computers don’t get more portable than Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. Tablets don’t come any more computer-like than the iPad Pro. So which would you choose?1 In the end it comes down to whether you […]