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Inkjet printers still popular in ANZ

Squirting ink on to dead trees remains popular despite the rise of tablets, smartphones and other devices. Inkjet printers still sell. We are a long way from being paperless. IDC Research reports the Australia-New Zealand inkjet market grew during the second quarter of 2013 to a total of 443,000 units. That’s a growth of two […]

Printer ink cartridges now even more of a rip-off

Need more reasons to go paperless? Take a look at what printer makers do with ink. Printer ink has always been expensive, but as The Guardian reveals the price per millilitre  rocketed recently with printer makers serving ever smaller portions of ink in their cartridges. The Guardian says a decade ago Epson printer ink cartridges contained […]

Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi SmartPen a powerful tool

While Livescribe didn’t design the Livescribe Sky for journalists, there are times when it feels that way. The pen is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to take notes. Sadly the latest Livescribe Sky version needs work before it will live up to its predecessor’s reputation.  Livescribe’s Sky WiFi Smartpen lets you write ink note […]